What to do when you have dizziness ?

What to do when you have dizziness ?

Dizziness is not an uncommon problem. Many of us experience it.

But have you ever wondered what are the different things you can do while you suffer from Dizziness?

If not, make sure to read it forward.

3 stages for dizziness:-

1. In acute stage :

Check associated symptoms & risk factors symptoms like: dizziness, balance issues, falls, anxiety and panic attacks, restricted neck movements due to spasms, Lower Limb weakness, easy fatigability.

What can you do about it?

* Align yourself in towards the gravity

* Lie on side with head turns towards the ground

* Stop & relax

* Give time to reduce dizziness its own

* Don't panic and hesitate to say

* If dizziness doesn't subsides in 2 hours to 72hours - reachout to Dr

2. In recurrent stage

* Note down all your trigger and risk factors

* Keep an progressive track of symptoms

* Avoid triggers like: food intake, caffeine, behaviour and body positions, rushing activities, underdo or overdo of exercises

If your are patient of BPPV - do self manoeuvre techniques to reduce the dizziness.

Have medicines that are prescribed which reduces dizziness ,manage environment and your residential equipment to prevent falls use frames and support

* Manage your anxiety & depression

* Structure daily routine

* use habituation & adaptation strategies for your body

* Take sufficient rest give little more time to treat yourself.

* Embrace yourself with support system spend time in nature

* Rehydrate and maintain electrolyte imbalance

* If symptom persist visit Dr

3. In non symptomatic stage:

Progressive rehabilitation towards gaze stabilization exercises, VOR cancellation exercises, habituation and adaptation exercises and balance retraining to reduce your symptoms and make you independent in life.

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