What is Finger Ladder used for?


Finger ladder is a rehabilitative equipment. It can be made up of wood or plastic. We have to mount it on wall. It is used to improve flexibility of shoulder, elbow and wrist joint. It is used to perform shoulder flexion and abduction exercises. It progressively restores range of motion to the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.

What is the finger ladder used for? Finger ladders are physical therapy tools often used as part of a rehabilitation program after-
1. injury to the rotator cuff
2. Frozen shoulder
3. Stiff shoulder joint following fracture near and around shoulder joint.

How finger ladder helps?
It helps to stretch and increase your range of motion in your fingers, wrist, arms, and shoulders. The small intervals on the ladder allow for a gradual progression as it slowly stretches and strengthens the muscles in your hand, arm, and shoulder. It reduces stiffness and shoulder pain.

Finger ladder Exercises:1. Patient standing facing a ladder which is hanging over a wall. Patients were asking to place the affected hands over the ladder at a low level. Then slowly start an upward climb on the finger ladder until it reached the top and then slowly down back to the starting position

2.Patient face a wall (front or side) and move the fingers of the affected side upward along the ladder to their maximum reach. Once u reach highest point coming closer to wall as you can hold it for 5 seconds then slide down. You can do 5 reps first then slowly you can increase to 10 as your pain permits. Finger ladder is very effective tool. It is easy to perform and understand by everyone. You can do it at home also regularly.

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