Shoulder Wheel Device.

Shoulder Wheel Device

Shoulder wheel is a therapeutic device used for rehabilitation of upper limb. we can use it for shoulder joint, elbow joint as well as wrist joint. There are generally two types of shoulder wheel. one is circular in shape and other is called bar shoulder wheel.

It can be made up of steel and wood.
It is permanently mounted on wall usually we can adjust its height according to your height and arm length.
It is used to improve flexibility of shoulder, elbow and wrist joint. It progressively restores range of motion and strength of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.

uses of shoulder wheel-
shoulder wheel is a physical therapy tools often used as part of a rehabilitation program after-

1. injury to the rotator cuff
2. Frozen shoulder
3. Stiff shoulder joint, elbow joint or wrist joint following fracture.

how to use shoulder wheel?
patient stand facing the shoulder wheel and then grab the handle. now you can move the shoulder wheel or shoulder bar in clock wise and anti clock wise direction 15 times each.

Other way of using shoulder wheel is, patient can stand facing the painful shoulder joint towards the wheel now grab the handle and move it in clockwise and anti clock wise direction 15 times each.

benefits of using shoulder wheel-

1. speeds up recovery after surgery.
2. releives muscle spasm and stiffness.
3. reduces joint pain, myofacial pain and swelling.
4. decreases the length tension of muscle fibers.

it is very easy to use device and you can do it on your own at physiotherapy clinic or at home.

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