How to workout while cooking…

How to work out while cooking...

Exercises improves the entire spectrum of health, from disease prevention to mood. Women’s hormones and health risks make exercise especially worthwhile. Many of the health issues that women face can be improved with consistent exercises. Of course, exercise takes fair amount of efforts, time and self-discipline. Women of any age groups are always occupied by house work, carrier and children so it’s difficult for them to find out some time for exercises. So if you combine exercises while doing household work will be time saving and will have great health benefits.

All women working at home rarely gets time to workout. So it’s very important to merge daily house hold work with exercises. There are several advantages to building some ‘workout’ time into the time we spend preparing food.

Few simple ways to burn calories while we cook- 1. Marching at place – this is a good cardio activity when standing near kitchen platform while making chapati or waiting to get oil heated.

2. Calf raises – doing calf raises while standing near platform leads to strengthening of calf muscle.

3. Squats – you can do squats while taking objects from down.

4. Arms and leg raise –this also can be done while standing.

5. Calf stretch – stretching of calf muscle can be done in standing in front of cooking platform.

6. Hamstring curl – take support of platform and bend alternate knees.

7. Pushups –do pushups by taking support of kitchen platform while oil is getting heated or boiling vegetables.

8. Side leg lift – hold kitchen platform and lift legs sideways alternately on both side.

Try doing all these exercises 30 times each you will definitely get positive changes in your body.

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