How to work out sitting at your desk

How to work out sitting at your desk.

In this era of technology, we get less time outdoors and find difficult to take out time for exercises. To keep our body healthy, you must exercise. Even spending 5 to 10 minutes exercising at your desk can stimulate some midday blood flow and help you push through your mid-afternoon slump. Exercising at your desk can help counter the effects of sitting for too long. Working out at work is proven to increase energy, productivity and creativity while reducing stress. Desk exercises help in blood circulation, build strength and prevent muscle stiffness.

Here are few simple ways to workout at your desk-
1. Biceps curl – make sure you sit straight with full back support on chair. Now you bend both your elbows and make them straight by the side of your body.
2. Shrug your shoulders – sit straight with back supported on chair, keep looking forward, keep both arms relaxed by the side of body now take both shoulder up towards your ears hold it for 5 counts and slowly take them down.
3. Palm exercise – hold both hand forward now make a fist and open.
4. Leg extension - Sit tall, with your feet flat on the floor. Lift one leg until it’s parallel with the floor and straight out in front of you by contracting (squeezing) the muscle on the front of your upper thigh. Hold for a second, then lower back to the starting position.
5. Glute squeezes - Sit tall in your chair, with good posture. Contract (squeeze) your glutes as hard as you can for 10 seconds, then relax.
6. Knee to chest – make sure you sit straight and tall. Hold the bottom of your chair for support and pull your knees in toward your chest one by one.
7. Neck movements – sit straight and now bend your neck forward, backward and side to side slowly. You can hold every position for at least 6 to 10 seconds.
8. Oblique twists - Sit in a swiveling chair with your hands holding the edge of your desk. Spin yourself as far you can to one side using your hands, then switch to the other side.
9. Pectoral stretch – sit straight on chair. Now hold both palms and keep them at back of your head now take your elbows back hold this position for few counts and relax.
10. Shoulder rotations – sit straight and tall. Now rotate your shoulders clockwise and then anti clockwise.

Repeat each exercises 15 times.
Spending a few minutes exercising at the office each day is better than not exercising at all. These small and easy to do exercises will make remarkable difference in your body if you keep on doing them.
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