Facial Muscles and Expressions

Our Facial Muscles Are Responsible For Our Facial Expressions. Expressions Are The Way We Communicate And We Express Ourselves. The Muscles Are Supplied By The Seventh Cranial Nerve And Whenever There Is Facial Paralysis, These Muscles Get Impacted And Their Functions Are Also Disturbed. Following Are The Facial Muscles That Are Responsible For Various Expressions:
1.Orbicularis Oris - Encircles The Mouth.

2.Buccinator - Located At The Angle Of The Mouth And Base Of The Cheek. It Is A Chewing Muscle But Is Not Supplied By The 7th Cranial Nerve Directly.

3.Levator Labii Superioris Muscle - Located At Your Upper Lip.

4.Depressor Labii Inferioris - Lower Lip.

5.Mentalis - Center Of Chin Region.

6.Rizoris Muscle: (Laughing Muscle) - Located At The Angle Of The Mouth.

7.Levator Anguli Oris - Underneath The Infraorbital Foramen, Forming The Angle Of Mouth.

8.Depressor Angui Oris Muscle - Located At The Lower Border Of The Mandible (Angle Of The Mouth ).

9.Zygomaticus Major And Minor Muscle - Located At Cheeks And Is Responsible For Wider Smile.

10.Nasalis Muscle - Located Around Nasal Cartilage.

11.Procerus - Located At The Skin Between The Eyebrows.

12.Orbicularis Oculi - Closes The Eyes, Forms The Major Portion Of The Eyelid.

13.Depressor Supercilli Muscle - Medial Angle Of The Eye And Skin Of The Eyebrow Lifts The Eyelid.

14.Corugator Supercilli Muscle - Above The Rooth Of The Nose At The Skin Of The Eye Brows.

15.Frontalis - Located At Forehead, Raises The Eyebrow While Worrying.

16.Corrugator Supercilli - Near The Bridge Of The Eyebrow, And It Brings The Eyebrows Together.

17.Levator Anguli Oris - Near The Upper Lip And Draws The Corner Of The Mouth Upwards.

18.Platysma - Located At The Neck And Tightens The Front Neck Muscle When A Person Gets Scared.
There Are Many Muscles That Collaborate And Work With Each Other To Create Complex Expressions. Facial Expressions Are One Of The Most Complex Systems Of Our Body And Hence When A Person Suffers From Facial Paralysis It's A Tricky Problem To Solve. At Bell's Palsy Rehab Program By HealthQ, We Aim To Help You Work On Your Paralysed Facial Muscles.
One At A Time And Try To Help You Rehabilitate Yourself From Facial Palsy. Reach Out To Us To Know More About Bell's Palsy Rehab Program