Women's Health Physio

Yoga therapy for Knee Pain

1 Months . 5 sessions

Yoga therapy has a tremendous amount of health benefits including conditions related to the knee joint. Work on your knee health through the yoga therapy program by Health Q Rehab.

Postnatal rehab program

1 Months . 8 sessions

Gradually recovery from the pregnancy stress and changes with Physiotherapy techniques and Yoga therapy

Onco rehab program by HealthQ

1 Months . 3 sessions

Motion build emotions and give you strength to fight the battle of cancer, work on improving your mobility with a online rehab program that allows you move better.

Rehab for Fibromyelgia

1 Months . 5 sessions

Fibromyalgia is a condition affecting more women than men due to stress and hormonal imbalance. This program can help you manage and get rid of unpleasant symptoms like pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances that can impair the quality of life. Gentle range of motion exercises done in the physio sessions will improve mobility & give pain relief. While yoga therapy will include specific yogasanas that will stretch and loosen up tight muscles & joints, pranayama along with relaxation techniques will help you handle your day to day stress

Prenatal exercise program

1 Months . 8 sessions

Move in a gentle and relaxed way and prepare your body for welcoming your baby into this new world.