Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Hack your pain program

1 Months . 4 sessions

1. Experienced Physiotherapists 2. One-on-one attention 3. Customised exercise plan 4. Proved and tested rehab techniques e.g Cognitive behavioural therapy, etc 5. Online and can be followed at your's convenience at home. There is no illness that has no cure, except the one science is yet to explore. Let's navigate the cure to your pain.

Get Confident with your Posture Program

1 Months . 6 sessions

Who it’s for – • Corporate Workers • Industrial Workers • Patients in whom posture is a probable cause of pain and dysfunction • Progressive conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, Scoliosis, etc., to track postural changes.

Post surgery rehab program

1 Months . 30 sessions

All kind of replacement surgeries require long term rehab care at least for 6 months time to achieve better functional independence . But usually people drop out due to lack of awareness, access to an experienced therapist and out of pocket expense, this causes poor outcomes like joint stiffness ,pain and arthritis. We have designed an unique rehab programme especially for patients with replacement surgeries which focuses on providing quality care using hybrid rehab model. So if you are someone who has undergone knee replacement surgeries like T.K.R ,P.K.R or hip replacement surgery or shoulder joint replacement surgery then this programme is for you.