Facial Rehab

Group therapy session for Bell's palsy

4 Weeks . 30 sessions

Work on your all round facial rehabilitation in terms of muscle activation, movement control, pain and tightness reduction, along with reducing synkinesis in a group setting where you can meet people similar to you and can share your experiences

Daily physiotherapy for Facial palsy

1 Months . 30 sessions

Recover from bells palsy by engaging in daily one on one sessions, 6 days a week with our expert physiotherapist.

Facial rehabilitation (3 month package)

3 Months . 3 sessions

Monthly online consultation with Facial rehab specialist

Facial palsy rehab ( 6 month package)

6 Months . 6 sessions

In this extensive program we do your hand holding and help you work on your facial recovery. We are constantly up skilling and upgrading ourself to help you best outcomes

One time session for facial palsy

1 Days . 1 sessions

Get a 40 min in depth session with Physio Meghna Dave and work on your facial recovery