Bell’s Palsy Facts​

Bell’s Palsy Is Definitely One Of The Most Annoying And Life-Changing Experiences And A Very Weird Condition. Get To Know Some Of The Unheard Facts About Bell’s Palsy From This Blog.
1.The Term Bell’s Palsy Comes From Sir. Charles Bell, A Renowned Scottish Anatomist, And Surgeon Who Discovered This Condition In The 19th Century.

2.Bell’s Palsy Is One Of The Most Common Types Of Peripheral Neuropathy.

3.It Is A Condition That Not Only Happens Due To Infection But Also Due To Trauma, External Pressure, And Even Sometimes Without Any Reason.

4.Bell’s Palsy Has Its Twin Condition Where A Person Gets Facial Paralysis Due To Stroke.

5.10 Facial Muscles Of Expression Are Paralyzed In Bell’s Palsy.

6.Bell’s Palsy Will Affect 0.02% Of The Population Every Year. 7/10 People Recover Completely From Bell’s Palsy.

7.8% Of People Who Experience Bell’s Palsy Have The Risk Of Developing It Again.

8.Pregnant Women Especially During The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy Are At A Greater Risk Of Developing Bell’s Palsy.

9.Famous Celebrities Like Sylvester Stallone, Anupam Kher, George Clooney, And Angelina Jolie Are Some Of Many Who Have Developed The Same.

10.The Nerve Branches Out Into 5 Near The Ear And Supplies To Various Parts Of The Face And The Longest Nerve Takes The Longest Time To Recover.

11.The Eyes Are At The Highest Risk Compared To Any Other Area Of The Face During Bell’s Palsy.

12.Even Though 90% Of People Recover From Bell’s Palsy, 10% Are Left With Residual Complications.

13.Synkinesis Is One Of The Most Devastating Complications Of Bell’s Palsy. Which Is A Subconscious Habit Developed By The Brain To Perform Mass Movement.

14.Early Rehab And Prevention Of Secondary Complications Is The Key To Better Recovery Among The Patients.

15.“DON’T WORRY AND DON’T HURRY” Is The Key Mantra For People Suffering From Bell’s Palsy.