7 tips of care for a cerebral palsy child by parents

7 tips of care for a cerebral palsy child by parents

Cerebral palsy refers to a group of neurological disorders that affect movement, muscle tone, coordination, and motor skills caused by damage or abnormalities in the developing brain. It appears in infancy or early childhood, and the symptoms may differ in type and severity from one person to another.

It is very important for parents to understand the condition, accept it positively and prepare themselves to brought up their child with positivity. If parents provide positive motivation to child it will help that child emotionally. Parents should be aware of condition and various treatments available for it. What are different therapies available and how those therapies will be helpful in improving quality of life in child. Here we suggest few tips for parents which will be helpful in taking care of Cerebral palsy child.

1. Get yourself educates with all treatment options Along with medicines, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special educator and psychologist plays major role in improving quality of life for child. So you should consider all these options and included in taking care of child.
2. Organize yourself Plan your daily activities in proper way so that you can give enough time to your child. Not only does it help to reduce daily stress, but it also helps to react quickly if an emergency occurs. So it is vital to keep a list of things always ready at your disposal. These include important dates, doctors’ phone numbers, emergency contacts, appointment schedules, medical records, lab test results, and medications. Keep all documents arranged in one file.
3. Promote Active Lifestyle Help your child walk, play, and move as much as possible. Teach new skills and focus on different activities to strengthen muscles, helping reduce the occurrence of spasms and contractures. Try to introduce child new things.
4. Diet Getting proper nutrition to cerebral palsy child is very important as they face many issues which keeps them at nutritional deficit. Daily diet should include recommended amount of calcium, fibers, vitamins and proteins. Consult a nutritionist and get tailored made diet chat for your child.
5. Help Your Child to Stay Positive A child with CP may not always be able to do the things that their siblings or peers can. It can be hard for them to have a positive outlook on life. Help your child to develop an optimistic attitude and seek mental health care, if necessary. Furthermore, help them focus on what they can do, and then do those things together.
6. Take out time for outdoors Expose your child to new activities and experiences and indulge in them together. Whether it is going to the museum, listening to music, working on art and craft projects, or just playing games — these will help them boost their self-esteem, learn new skills and add on to childs knowledge.
7. Take Care of Your Health Unfortunately, parents often tend to get wrapped up in raising their children and forget the importance of their health. However, it is all the more crucial for you to take care of yourself. Maintain a proper diet, get plenty of sleep, and most importantly, take time to relax and ask for help if and when needed. Taking care of cerebral palsy child is physically, mentally, emotionally and financially demanding. As a parent your efforts will reflect in your childs health and his/her future.
So you be strong and positive so that you can give better life to your child.

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